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Clutch Replacements

clutch replacement at Autocar

Here at Autocar we pride ourselves on using quality parts to return your vehicle to good working order. We work hard with our business partners to source components that are original equipment or good value alternatives. Whatever the problem our highly skilled technicians can repair your vehicle to the highest standards using quality parts. 


If you feel there may be a problem with your clutch but are unsure call in, where we will be happy to do a free no obligation check on your clutch. We use LUK, Borg & Beck or original equipment parts. If you have a problem with your clutch rest assured that we can help. 

Concentric Slave Cylinders

It is normal practice today’s modern vehicles that when a clutch is replaced the concentric slave cylinder (CSC) is also replaced. The assembly of a concentric slave cylinder is structured to allow it to operate directly in front of the clutch cover. This new technology allows direct hydraulic load to be applied to the clutch via the master cylinder and concentric slave cylinder. As a result providing less pedal pressure, eliminating the potential loss of bearing travel caused by wear commonly associated in traditional linkage or cable type systems. We advice fitting a new concentric slave cylinder when you change your clutch. Failure to do so may cause damage to the your new clutch, resulting in further costs being incurred.


There are two types of flywheels fitted to most vehicles, a Dual Mass Flywheel and a Solid Flywheel. Whichever is fitted to your vehicle, you can rest assured that if replacement is required we will only use original equipment parts. 

To book your vehicle in for a replacement clutch, call us on 01283 550955.