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Car Servicing

car servicing at Autocar

We are able to carry out minor and major services for all makes and models of vehicle, meeting the requirements of your vehicle's manufacturer. 

Is servicing your vehicle important?

All vehicles need to be serviced on a regular basis as important lubricants, fluids and parts need to be replaced. The most vital part of any service is an oil and oil filter change. This is needed because your engine oil degrades after time and becomes less effective at lubricating your engine which could result in excessive engine wear and even possible damage.

How often does your vehicle need to be serviced? How often your vehicle needs to be serviced will usually be detailed in your owner's hand book. The most common service intervals are 12 months or 12,000 miles depending on which ever is reached first.

Some manufacturers are now starting to increase their service intervals for newer vehicles as the engines and oils used are more advanced and of a better quality. If you are unsure how often your vehicle needs to be serviced, then please contact us and we will be happy to inform you.

What does a service include?

Based on your vehicle's age or mileage, a service could include as little as an oil and oil filter change, progressing all the way up to a complete change of all filters (oil, fuel and pollen), the spark plugs or glow plugs, engine coolant / antifreeze and transmission oil as well as the cam belt, auxillary belts and any associated tensioners.

New cars and warranties

In 2004 the Office of Fair Trading lifted the servicing restrictions that tied consumers into servicing by garages belonging to the manufacturer's franchised dealer network, giving owners the freedom to choose where to have their vehicle serviced. However, the service must be carried out to the car manufacturer's recommendations.

Autocar are delighted to offer a free courtesy car (if available) or free collection and drop-off service to all our customers (within the Swadlincote area). Please contact us to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

To book your vehicle in for a service, call us on 01283 550955.