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Cambelts Repairs

cambelt repairs at Autocar

Unlike the other mechanical components of your vehicle, cambelts are prone to natural wear and tear over prolonged mileage and / or periods of time. In the interests of safety and engine maintenance, it is vital that the cambelt of your car is replaced when necessary.

What is a  Cambelt?

Typically made from rubber, a cambelt (also known as a timing belt) plays a direct role in the opening and closing of

How Often Should A Cambelt Be Replaced?

This heavily depends on the type of cambelt, as well as the make and model of your car. The majority of car

What Happens If a Cambelt Breaks Or Fails?

When a cambelt snaps, it can cause major damage to both the valves and pistons of the engine. It can also damage other expensive components of the vehicle, which may lead to an entire engine replacement in extreme circumstances.

Fitting A New Cambelt To Your Vehicle

At Autocar, we ensure all cambelt replacements are completed to the strictest of standards.

To book your vehicle in for a replacement cambelt, call us on 01283 550955.