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Air Conditioning

air conditioning at Autocar

If you are looking for a garage to service or repair your air conditioning in Swadlincote then Autocar is the place to go.

Aircon has become a vital part of car ownership over the last decade, and its popularity has lead to its standardisation across all the car manufacturers. Unfortunately, it is often a component that people do not pay enough attention to when compared to maintaining their engines.

Vehicle air conditioning systems will usually suffer from decreasing refrigerant as time wears on and this can lead to problems with performance.

If decreasing refrigerant issues are left unaddressed, the circulation of lubricant within the system can be reduced and air or moisture can enter this system, causing serious damage.

Problems that could be caused by this are:

Reduced fuel economy as the compressor works to reduce operating temperatures

Corrosion caused by air or moisture reacting with refrigerant

Failure of mulitple components and systems

Autoocar operates an industry-leading air conditioning servicing and repair facility

We can prevent all of the above problems and offer the following air conditioning services:

Pressure checking the system and ensuring vent temperature adheres to the manufacturers’ guidelines

Manual inspection of components and the system as a whole

Full system cleaning plus anti-bacterial treatments

Refrigerant recovery and replacement

Removal of air and moisture from the air conditioning system System leak testing

Restoration of system according to manufacturers’ recommended status

To book your vehicle in for an Air Conditioning regas, call us on 01283 550955.